How do I commission a fine binding?

A Fine Binding commission costs from 2500 pounds upwards depending on the complexity of the design and structure. Each binding is truly unique and make very special gifts or are simply a beautiful object to own.

Initial consultation

This is possible at the bindery, in your own home, or if it is not convenient geographically to arrange such a meeting it is possible to post samples of materials and discussions can take place by phone or email. During this initial meeting samples of materials can be viewed and handled and photos of previous work can be viewed from a portfolio. Colour and design preferences will be discussed. The content of the book is usually the focus of the design although some people also like the owner of the book’s interests or colour preferences to also be combined into the final design – this is especially so if the book is intended as a present for a special birthday or event. You will need to choose a book to be bound – this can be a book you already own, or we can purchase a book (new or second-hand) at cost on your behalf. All bindings will be housed in a protective box, the style of which can be discussed.


We will then plan a design, which can be seen and approved by you prior to commencement of binding work. Some customers choose not to see a design but leave it up to the binder’s judgement. Once details of materials and design have been agreed an accurate estimate of cost can be supplied.

All our modern Fine Bindings are completely unique and are individual works of Art. All materials used are the finest quality. The techniques used ensure the binding is durable and built to last for generations.

Please be aware that a Fine Binding can take around 50 – 60 hours to complete so any commission will be likely to take a minimum of several months to be completed, deadlines that are more limited can usually be accommodated.